Tribute to the first man in my life!!


papa, Are you there !!???.. She was screaming aloud. A deep but assuring  voice replied , ” I have your back, my sweetheart”.!

She kept on pedaling unaware of this,she was on her own. she knew he  was right there , so she had this confidence even if she would have a bad fall .. He would be there to lift her up, to protect her and she kept on pedaling. One day she became a free bird on her lady bird( a trendy cycle of 90’s) riding her first ever machine on roads on streets on her own …

That little birdie of yesterday has turned into a woman today; a wife ; a mother ; and many more roles life offered her to play now. But still whenever she feels little low a sense of diffidence strikes in she screams in her soul …….

Papa , Are you there !!?? And a sound comes back ..”I have always  your back my sweet heart”..!! 

After all, he was is and will always be her ” territorial father “..saving her , protecting her , nurturing her , and making her confident each passing day..

From preschool days till she went to appear her first interview, from her first year’s birthday frock till her first ever “pink satin saree”  ….It was him who was always there right besides her . He taught her patience, persistence and the courage to overcome fear…That girl who used to hide behind him in dark with  a sense of relief that she will be protected from all the monsters out there,  learnt eventually to fight back with those imaginary ghost characters right from her childhood. she started believing in herself, confronting with her own insecurities , defeating her weakness  realizing her strengths accepting her part of failures and tasting the success which was meant for her soely for her she broke her own cocoon and faced the real world still seeing through his eyes.Those eyes who always guarded her and made her a woman of substance….

No matter how much she grows up,no matter how much strong life makes her, no matter how many highs and lows she has gone through, she still becomes a waggish toddler eager to learn, to take baby steps, to be stable from being capricious , to fall, to learn to ride a bicycle once again when ever he is around.

she is her  papa’s whimsical  girl and will always be ….

love all 



17 thoughts on “Tribute to the first man in my life!!

  1. Great Concept Doc… I’ll give an outside opinion, I’ve always been telling both my kids that come whatever may, I’ll always be there for you.
    Boys are boys, brash, wreckless and I give it a damn types. But my daughter, she tells me, ” if you’re around, I’m not scared of anything or anyone.”
    Nice write up Doc.


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