Come to bed, Mama!! time for my bed time story now!!… My five years old calls out showing me all her colorful books. After being  done with a long  tiring  day, looking at wall clock which displayed “10:30 PM”,  I could clearly see sleep was far cry from her so bright sparkling eyes.

On a chilly winter night of mid-January  I immediately  took refuge inside my warm quilt on bed snuggling with her,she hurriedly picked one book from her bunch of other books(frog changed to prince, Three wishes , A city and a village rat etc etc) . she opened, her all time favorite (mine too) pop up book of ” Cinderella” with a  wide  grin as if it was her first time , as if it was our first rather. we had read it umpteenth time. Phew !!

And she reads …” Once upon  a Time……”


she suddenly pauses and asks very curiously, Mama! who is this Fairy God Mother?? why Cant I see her ?? Why doesn’t she get me that crystal sandal??


I was flabbergasted, why these questions tonight and to my dismay we haven’t even reached that page yet. I frowned , cleared my throat..Uh!! well…

“Mama”! she calls out again stroking my cheeks. I  looked at her leafing through pages I showed her the popped up picture of Cinderella “the damsel in distress”, and before I could answer my little girl she turned in still grabbing her favorite book.

Ah!! The clock strikes “11 PM” now, I was stunned, stupefied still pondering over those innocently asked questions entering my mind with a twinge of unsettled emotion.

Fairy tales …They cultivate imagination in children and fascinate them with those beautiful fictitious characters and captivating pictures.To my surprise, I was not ready for such sudden questionnaires tonight. I thought again..Uh!!well..”Fairy God Mother” well she exists!! Yes she does!! inside you, inside me, inside every single woman, and she shows up when we need her, every time we forget our existence amidst the clamor and chaos of life, every time we doubt our own virtues, every time fingers raised on us for something or other..she turns up and shows us a virtual mirror to re-find,re-shape, re-define ourselves, and why only a”crystal sandal” our fairy God Mother can get us any given thing in this world.

choice is Yours :- To choose the “damsel in distress” or the “Fairy God mother” ; both prevailing inside. Let the strong triumph over weak and spread optimism, spread love  whipping that invisible magic wand..;)

I smiled, and thought ..”Fairy tales  and bedtime stories”:Are they only meant for children…off course not!! You keep on reading them, intoning them into your heart, and bodily memorizing them,it will change your life-utterly.

Next  night , another “Bed time story ” will unfold and another ignored and over-looked question will be asked ingenuously …

“Mama Get ready now”!!..;)..;)



Love all…:)














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