Crowded with thoughts in my mind, with invisible thought balloons popping up over my head time and again, every time I sit to pen down,  some thing or other distracts me. Today almost after a week when I signed in,  the first word which grabbed my attention was the word “Yellow” in the daily “one word  prompt post “challenge or task today . All I could think  of    it  was the famous  one line we always use to satirize  ” yellow..yellow dirty fellow” . On the contrary Yellow is the most luminous  of all the colors of spectrum , color of sunshine, of marigold ,of daffodils , of sunflower depicting hopes, enthusiasm , optimism  , happiness etc.

This one word compelled me today to think about the little girl I meet everyday while going to my work. A small shabby girl with a basket full of marigolds stands in the safest corner of a busy road wearing a bright smile ( as bright as morning sunshine) with this hope that she will sell all her flowers from that tiny basket of hers to all the passers bys. Its not the marigold its her extremely enchanting smile which grips my attention everyday.




yellow isnt just a color, it is an epitome of glory wisdom and harmony.The word for ‘gold’ in Latin is aurum, which means yellow. In ancient Greece, some gods were depicted with yellow hair, and men commonly bleached their hair or spent hours in the sun to turn it yellow, so yellow most poetically called “blond” “fair” and “golden”.

In Ancient Egypt , yellow was associated with gold, which was considered to be imperishable, eternal and indestructible.

Like every coin has two sides , even yellow “the color of happiness ” is associated with envy, jealosy and duplicity.During the Post-Classical period, yellow became firmly established as the color of Judas Iscariot , the disciple who betrayed Jesus christ, even though the Bible  never describes his clothing. well…I wont get into much of ancient history associated with this vibrant color now, rather after I am done with this small article of mine I am going to explore this color more , I shall definitely get few shades of yellow for my closet, I shall gift my granny a brand new Yellow saree which will make her old wrinkled face gleam like shining star, I shall stop and buy few yellow marigolds from that small girl  standing and smiling in that busy road looking around with hope to sell her flowers….errr..may be to spread love, hopes, optimism .


I think of yellow I think of that small shabby girl with a smile like sunshine!

I think of yellow, I think of my granny with her white saree embellished with yellow blotches, and a puckered face wearing a wide grin!!

I think of yellow, I think of those marigolds from my backyard and me wearing a  yellow frock amidst them just to twine!!

                           yellow yellow absolutely not dirty fellow now….;)


Love All,

Pallavi  🙂










2 thoughts on “YELLOW

  1. Nice detailed work Doc… Probably one link was missing, if you remember the old classic number by Tony Orlando… Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree…
    Great work, all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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