Daily Prompt: Scent


A little  after dusk, standing by my life size window  with a cup of coffee, I could feel the emanating petrichor; the aroma of coffee beans and soon followed by sweet melody of rain drops on tinned terrace sheds.

I closed my eyes sipping from my hot cup ,to reminiscence, to go back to that time  and reach those places which were very “close to heaven” away from grind and clamor of cities …smog…and traffic where I fell for the scent of crispy air of gargantuan mountains; the mystic smell of snow & ice, the salty smell of ocean and red corals and washed of shells on the shore.. the scent of purity ..the sight of serenity!!!!!

I envisaged, why only in mother nature there is a “godly scent in humanity”too!

A tender touch of a new born gives a solace to soul and produces “Scent of motherhood”!!!.

Walking down the lanes,when u run into a needy famished soul and lending a hand of help certainly emits ” scent of saintly deed”!!!.

Two very much deeply in love people,when embrace each other ,with every glittering kiss & every touch of flesh creating perfect love emanate “scent of intimacy”!!.

I have fallen for such wonderful things around umpteenth times which soothes my eyes, triggers my olfactory sense, ultimately touches my soul. I shall keep falling for Such things time and again with distinctive scents smell  of fresh lime, scent of all the flowers when I cross a florist shop, scent of freshly baked muffins, of divine incence sticks , scent of my man when he professes every time his feelings for me, scent of every beautiful soul I come across!!

Breaking out of my trance and chain of thoughts , I realized its time to make an evening meal for my people, serving all my delicacies on table  I called out my family to have a quality supper time !!

Before they showed up I added “scent and essence  of love” to it ..:)


P.S – They say “you are never fully dressed without perfume”!!Make sure u wear a perfume which will spread “scent of peony”!!


Love all

Pallavi.  🙂





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