second chance


My cell phone buzzed!!…” Dollie  calling”..

I picked up..”Hello”

voice from other side..Hey !! Di.. I have something to say..(Giggles)…I fell in love “once  again”..!!

Talking incessantly, and struggling with my perpetual thoughts simultaneously.

I was glad, was flabbergasted, was stunned …!!!!

Few years back , when she was suffering in a bad relationship , she took a very bold step to move on, to let go of those haunting memories which were amusing for her once..She chose to free herself from shackle of fake emotions and love , to breathe again!! Time heals everything!! isn’t it?? Actually No..It doesn’t heal anything it just gives one enough strength to endure and upgrades ones maturity level.

Years After, too much preoccupied with work  and giving her best to cope up with unpredictable turns in her life, unexpectedly she comes across this wonderful guy who was charming enough to grip her attention , who was warm enough to comfort her , who was gentle enough to furnish her with with all the care and love she always deserved. Hesitant, and still in dilemma …she didn’t get smitten with his charms.

The gentle man leaves no stone unturned to gain her love .They met once , then they kept on seeing each other till the day she felt yes he had actually swept her off her feet,and she blithely declares one day…”Finally she fell in love once again, and she has gotten over those remnants of broken feelings”..New found love and trust gave her all the confidence to get hitched  to this charming guy straight from her dreams!!

Flashing her beautiful finger adorned with a glittering solitaire, she sent a pic to me with a voice mail attached..”Hey ..Di..I fell in love once  again,  he proposed me today and we are getting married soon”!!

Every small girl grows up dreaming  of a  perfect wedding day.Soon the bride to be , got busy with wedding plans..bridal attire, making the guest list, honeymoon destination and what not!! Amidst this pre – wedding hustle and bustle the so much in love souls kept talking incessantly all nights, least bothered to get bridal beauty sleeps just before the much awaited event.

Next morning was  her life’s grand event, previous night we both couldn’t sleep, reminiscing old times we giggled, anticipating her future plans she  was ecstatic and insomniac..moreover sleep was at far cry  from the both sets of eyes that night, that one last   night of her spinsterhood.she cuddled with me, and I could see thousands twinkling stars in her so big bright eyes, and she murmured softly ” Am i getting married , seriously”!!

sound of conchs, cacophonous and erratic conversation of all aged ladies, children running around all the places, the whole house was gloriously decorated ..a perfect scene of a big fat  Indian wedding it was!!small and big rituals started, every single one was just too much engrossed , I could suddenly discern the pale and gloom on the face of  very much glowing bride-to-be , she looked lost in thoughts amidst all those clamorous and boisterous  environment.I could understand that feeling of a girl when she leaves her home leaving behind all her loved ones to enter into a world with innumerable new relations, but something very strange on her face perturbed me….

Di, I don’ t think  I can do this, I cant trust again to be left broken again…

I was stupefied, because this girl who was in front of me today had been the most strong and fearless girl I have ever known, a  past of  one bad relationship couldn’t  affect her so much that she would be this bewildered, Before going for all the rituals she wanted to make a call..a final call to her fiance before she becomes a responsible wife.she picked her phone hastily, and called up…

I closed the door behind and came out of the room , few minutes later she joined all of us . she was never so happy and gleeful before,completing all the rituals while heading towards venue, I asked her

“what did he say to you”?

She replied, with a smile. Her bridal face gleaming  like a pearl!!!

Actually I never called him  , I gave myself a second chance. I don’t know what future holds for me, I am unaware of how my new life treats me, I am totally clueless  how this ever charming guy who never fails to amaze me will turn out as a husband. All I know is I have gotten over my catastrophic past and now wont ever turn back.Tomorrow when i awaken, the slate will be clean, and a new day will stretch before me. constant fear of a terrible tomorrow cant stop me today from giving myself one more chance  to fall in love  all over again with myself  . I am going to give myself and my life another chance from this second!!

We got off the bridal car, taking the new bride by my side I looked up at the  beautiful huge wooden hand carved bridal welcome gate flashing names




Love all,

Pallavi   🙂


2 thoughts on “second chance

  1. Your story says volumes about sensitivity of women in general and, sensitivity of the writer more specifically.
    I was specially intrigued by the end. Great work doc.

    Liked by 1 person

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