11898837_940910055952046_7398282193622896457_nvia Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


I took this pic from my moving car in the early morning , after a heavy rain fall while coming down the hills after spending few exhilarating days in this  beautiful place Mc leod ganj (suburb of Dharamshala in  Himachal pradesh)

Dark cloud settling over head, horribly stormy weather stopped us from moving ahead. For a spell, I felt I got  trapped in the thick of this never ending calamitous weather  forever..But as they say “No storm lasts forever”!!

Suddenly sun shone amidst dark clouds, my hope smiled and we kept on moving till we reached our destination.. !!



Dawn shine 

No matter how dark the  night is!!

No matter how terrible and devastating the storm is!!

a small ray of shining sun  peeps and smiles from the midst of cheerless gloom,

spreading light across the dark sky , with gleams of sunshine letting pure radiance bloom!!

– Pallavi 🙂

Love All!!!









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