world around u seems so Blurred!!

via Daily Prompt: Blur

Ever since you came into my life I wonder world around you  looks  why so blurred !!! From those days when you were in my womb I craved to feel you, to touch you, to hold you, to lift you and caress your soft supple cheeks with care!!

That first flutter inside me, Your first ever tiny kick , it made me even more desperate to bring you into this beautiful world , I had so much to talk and share!!

I kept counting days , nights seemed even more longer, All I wanted to see my tiny adorable thing who was growing inside , whom I could hear  ,  could feel its subtle movements , wished to meet the one who was very much breathing inside me !!

The Day they brought you to me all wrapped , I held you, touched you, lifted you up to touch your  so soft supple cheeks, I forgot that pain , pain of sleepless nights, pain of throwing up whatever I used to eat, pain of those mood swings I had suffered..

I brought  you a little more closer, those pair of shining tiny eyes, and that small curve on your pink lips , two tiny   drops of happiness  rolled down my cheeks, I looked up everything seemed hazy then ,I again looked at my heart who was in my arms beating outside my body “you”…. the only thing  I could clearly see was you!!


Ever since you came into my life my wingless angel, world around you had always seemed so Blurred!!



words from my heart response to daily  word prompt”Blur”!!



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