Glitter in my veins!!

via Daily Prompt: Glitter


The moment I came across this word prompt today, I had a sparkling thought ..a thought I was born with !!

If I go back a  little, right from childhood I had this affinity for sparkles…a dazzling gown with a big satin bow , those cute butterflies shaped hair pins with shimmery wings, tiny blingy bellies  and I remember those days where I used to drape( failed attempts though) my mom’s saree putting on a big red bindi and yes to complete that look I never used to forget to put some shining lip gloss…Ahh!! those days!!

Today I have outgrown that dazzling frock, those shimmery butterfly winged hair pins, those blingy pair of my bellies but that sparkle that shine is still intact…deep with in me…adhering to me from inside, growing in me and flowing in my veins!! I am not scared of darkness , it wont last longer. I am not scared of failures, it constantly pushes me to achieve my goals, I am not scared of criticisms, the more they condemn ..the more I burgeon.!!.The only thing that spooks me at times is.. what If one day I wake up and stop shining, what if I find myself pinned down by darkness , what if I fail to recall why I have to glow , what if……!!

well these” what ifs” fizzle out , the moment I discern I am not only made of bones, muscles , ligaments n vital organs  I am certainly made of a tough glass also, I may fall down crash on the floor , break into several minute pieces , but I wont stop to sparkle, every bit of me will glitter and continue to bedazzle..!!


I glitter from with in, it flows in my veins !!


Love All,

Pallavi   🙂






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