Those days of being “stay at home” Mom: surreal days!!


Unkempt half stuck strands , pale blue dowdy pajama, befuddled ,  grumpy  yet good looking young lady with a very adorable baby (not more than 4 or 5 months) gripped my attention the other day, When I was much very much engaged in teaching few chapters from E.V.S to my 7 years old for her upcoming exams  after a very tiny afternoon siesta.

yelling at her domestic help and hovering over her head on her so big impeccable loggia she was running around instructing her maid who was both amused and bewildered ( I could pretty well figure out from her expressions) . A sudden tap on my shoulder snapped me out from my reverie. With his ever enchanting smile stood besides me was my   husband , who  handed over  me a hot cup of coffee with a clear look on his face .” What’s so interesting  out there”??..Pointing at the lady I stated ,” She is struggling hard to keep up with those post partum blues”..!!

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful gifts for every woman for sure. It gives you a tiny bundle of joy at one hand and in the other hands it gives sleepless nights, new responsibilities , and those innumerable mood swings episodes !!! It seems nearly impossible to feel yourself and get some “me time” and thinking of that perfect pre pregnancy body appears surreal.

This journey of mine wasn’t easy at all when I decided to take a break from my job , I had no plans when to resume( must admit, not a good planner), no clues whether I will ever get some wee bit of time to hit a salon again,  almost insomniac all the time I had this terrible emotions on my sleeve. It was an emotional roller coaster , when sudden changes in my routine took a toll on my life.Eventually, things started falling into place. I somehow managed to get some time for myself( all thanks to my little kid , she was and is  never so cranky child). The first thing I started to do I remember is I started living in the moments, I used to take mini cat naps often to keep my mood swings at bay, and yes weekends with husband was like a bonus.!..I thoroughly enjoyed her growing up part , infanthood ,babyhood and childhood( Ongoing Now). capturing each moment of hers , her first baby unsteady steps, her first ever “Mama” word , her non stop blabbering , her tough yet pleasurable weaning days …I had accepted this new change gradually and happily and without giving a second thought I preferred to be a “stay at home” Mom. All those years I had faced this question “when will you resume  your career” umpteenth times  , I simply had a content smile and the usual answer was ” As soon as my baby n I want to” !It was totally my independent decision to leave work and it would be solely my decision to resume ,  I just had one thing in mind to give my whole time and energy to the little part of me who never ceased to amaze me with all her daily new picked activities .

Three amazing years, and my little girl started her pre school days , we both suffered the separation anxiety . Symptoms eventually disappeared when she got her set of new friends.I had a feeling then..”Well,  my right time has come to resume finally”.. Not that my little one doesn’t need me anymore , not that I was sick of being called as a “stay at home” mother ,but just this feeling to restart and pick up  from where I left off invigorated me to work again.

Next morning, when I was taking a stroll in the near by park. I ran into that young grumpy but good looking mom or should I say “new Mom”. After few casual chit chats she uninhibitedly asked ” How do you look so happy..I mean you being a mother too”.??well,  I had my parts of post-partum blues honey..;)

P.S- Kudos to all working mothers who resume work as early as possible and to those who prefer to take a break and be a full time mother , Motherhood is entirely a bliss which has to be enjoyed and we should bask in accepting our bodily changes ( temporary though) , hormonal surges,  and several sleepless nights and erratic days.Sooner or later things fall into place and we get back our lives back on track .


Love All,

Pallavi 🙂





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