weekly photo challenge: wish

we all wake up daily and start our day with a wish or more. A workaholic’s wish “Oh !!How I wish  my presentation should  go really well today ” ..A  working mother’s  wish “I wish I could get free from work little earlier today to spend time with my kids“..A writer’s wish “ I wish I could knit different stories in my dreams too“..!!

wouldn’t it be amusing  enough to wake up and find all our wishes  coming true just like that!!!…If such starts happening the phrase “ I wish I could or I would “ would certainly  stop giving thrills to us. We experience a strange , eccentric feeling while making any odd  wish and hoping it to turn out the way we had wished..and that unmatchable sentiment or feeling when we receive things, we had always wished is indescribable.

Just imagine!! what if we blow on a dandelion puff while making a wish and it comes true after all the seeds are blown off, and how about bottling a wish , write  a wish on a piece of paper , fold it ,and roll it inside a bottle and cork it up, and that tiny coin in a wishing well  straight out from your pocket .. And yes that wish we make on every loose eye lash found on our cheek ( very much school time thing )Do they really work!!??

All my life I had just simply wished to get a” Happy potion”. I wish I could simply sprinkle it all around  and make some really crest fallen souls gleam with happiness forever.!!

well I have many such ethereal , enticing bucket list of wishes, on whom I am working on and few I guess will be only fulfilled in my dreams!!

Everytime I blow my Birthday candle, I close my eyes , and make this simple wish which I know will forever come true instantaneously is to be by your side for infinity.

That’s my picture in response to  today’s “weekly photo challenge Wish”



Me and my Husband ( one of my wishes which came true!!)..Well I guess I must have wished him on  my loose stray eye lash in my teens someday  ..;)




“The Day she fell out of love ”!!



Adjusting few  creases on her sea green cotton Saree, She got ready to pick her 3 years old son from his school. She took a gander at herself  on her wall mirror in her ever so  neat and immaculate bed room. Tall,  slender charming with a very pleasant smile and a sharp contour of face was too much arresting.

Reva , 32 , a simple housewife today left her Job way back to be a full time mother to her only son Reyansh who was a preemie , She delivered him  when the fetus was just declared viable . After several days in Neonatal intensive care unit , battling for his  life , her little one  was finally discharged from hospital.. Ever since then Reva espoused a life where she was always very over caring for her son. People often used to satirize her calling her a “possessive mother”. She never gave a hoot , Indifferent she had already singled out to be a Mother…” A Full Time mother” to be precise.

Dates  back , In Late  90’s Reva in her perky 20’s was the most noted and distinguished girl in her college. A   Gold medalist from psychology department, she wasn’t just extremely good at academic standing only, she was endowed with a beautiful voice too. A perfect combination of Ms ” beauty with brains ” . No wonder boys were swooning over her enchanting looks and smart mouth skills. Few of them left no stone unturned to woo this smart mouthed girl. But Reva fell for a man , a winsome settled man few years older to her , calm sophisticated and exactly the way Reva had always wished to settle down for. Both young hearts met in a family function, after a small chinwag that evening , they kept finding reasons to see each other time and again. Reva was kind of galvanized with this man’s incredible charisma. Soon they took vows and became one after few months of a beautiful courtship.

The beautiful new bride..Reva was going through a medley of emotions. She was highly elated and at the same time a forlorn look was always there on her exquisite bridal face,   she was leaving the place where she spent almost a quarter of her life, but her trust on her husband filled her with enthusiasms to start a new life with this man who had already arrested her in his warm assuring embrace …. when she was crying inconsolably all the way to her new home !!


 A sudden screech of wheels and honk of horn of the school bus , pulled Reva out of her reverie. She hugged her little bundle of joy and took him in her arms, back to home  she got engaged   in feeding  him and  and after a small tete a tete about his school, his friends, his teacher’s mini appreciaton note for him , small Reyansh turned in snuggling with her. Tears rolled down on her cheeks  .Reva’s life  turned Topsy – turvy soon  after her marriage.Romance flew out of the  window few days after their wedding, She was ill-treated , accused , humiliated by none other than her own husband, the man who already seemed to be very docile and caring when they were seeing each other.Her  soul was constantly bedeviled and befouled by his harsh and disagreeable statements.He wanted nothing except a “trophy wife” to display her with pride among-st  his so called affluent society .Amidst all this turbulence in her life, she suddenly  got a reason where she was bewildered , excited , despondent , hopeful again medley of emotions  ..she was pregnant!!

The day she got this news, she discovered she had fallen for this unborn life in her womb and at the same  had fallen out of love  with the one who had once promised her to keep her happy through out her life. Reva was never weak and fragile  , but false hopes and artificial emotions had blindfolded her .She got up slowly from bed , walking towards her Study  table she started writing on her note pad.

Dear Ansh,

I gave my heart and soul to you ..to our relationship …all these years to get heart broken time and again ..I had cried all nights where u were sleeping just next to me, I had cooked for you with a wounded soul but u were unperturbed absolutely, I was unnerved everyday .

I had attended high end parties with you , where you had never stopped admiring me in front of your friends , and back to home your usual self have annihilated me .

Each day each  night you never stopped damaging my feelings, eroding my soul, and breaking my hopes.

Today am done, am done with those beautiful dreams of a beautiful life, done with flashing fake smiles when I am crying inconsolably inside, done with your efforts to belittle me. Today I am not leaving you, I am going to leave the reason who has damaged my self esteem enough. 

I hope and wish You a very good life, but fortunately or unfortunately I wont be a part of it..not anymore !!

Yours ever,



No Reva didn’t quit,  she definitely decided to  call off this  unsuccessful marriage and got ready  to be a single mother to her only son.

Same night  she freed herself from this vengeance, she flew down to her parent’s place, and with little Reyansh by her side she had to start afresh.whole night she was calm ( she had cried enough before !!) and was preparing herself  to answer her anxious and worried parents next morning, who were very much muddled and scared looking at their only daughter’s condition.

Few months later , Reva got a call :-


Ms Reva, good Morning ..calling from..Mind & soul  health care pvt ltd!! Your Resume made us to call you to meet our HR manager for a Personal interview . We are highly pleased to see your achievements.we will email you the address just after this call. Looking forward to see you soon.

P.S- To All such Revas out there-

You will fall, you will get hurt, you will be broken, you will feel devastated but once you get  back to normal  sooner or later you will realize you were always worth so much more you were settling for!!

Love all,


The road taken : to cloud 9 :)

via weekly photo challenge “The road taken”

It was month of August 2013, gloomy monsoon ,  damp air  and erratic work schedules have totally desolated me, when suddenly my husband announced “lets go out and have a short vacation”..!! Eureka!!! we ( me and my daughter) gleamed and squealed with delight.

Monsoon outing :

pair of sneakers, sweat pants , hoodies , glares,sun blockers and   a box of all required medications, packed all stuffs and we made a beeline for Nainital ( one of the most  exotic hill stations in Uttarakhand, India). we boarded the overnight train “Ranikhet express” and after a refreshing forty winks we woke up only to get lost in the beauty and tranquility of nature. We deboarded  next morning ,and  I was befuddled to see huge sky touching green mountains all around , and the saffron hue of  dawn sky was glittering like gold. Away from the city of skyscrapers I was pretty much delighted to reach this heavenly place “Nainital”.

After a quick refreshment , we steered for “Mukteshwar” a town in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand( sits high in the  kumaon hills at an altitude of 7500 feet and 51 kms from Nainital). we hired a tourist guide  who all the way kept us amused and gave all minute details regarding weather and old stories related to localities  (Google!! I keep it handy though but network in mountains -all gone) .walking all the way on  those narrow and steep roads ( which left me all dizzy, exasperated though) finally led us to this beautiful scenic and breathtaking hill top . I was in awe of that bewitching beauty of  that place which had beguiled me completely. sharing few pictures where I was spell bound and gloomy monsoon turned out to be a cheerful vacation time in the mountains.1150972_584243808285341_1937834516_n.jpg

That’s my husband in blue tee and the cheerful guide..:)

1185688_585026121540443_1601186927_n.jpg1175169_584244608285261_713501772_n.jpg1002591_585026064873782_1549522527_n.jpg999601_585026488207073_277269208_n (1).jpg

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”
John Muir, The Mountains of California