weekly photo challenge: wish

we all wake up daily and start our day with a wish or more. A workaholic’s wish “Oh !!How I wish  my presentation should  go really well today ” ..A  working mother’s  wish “I wish I could get free from work little earlier today to spend time with my kids“..A writer’s wish “ I wish I could knit different stories in my dreams too“..!!

wouldn’t it be amusing  enough to wake up and find all our wishes  coming true just like that!!!…If such starts happening the phrase “ I wish I could or I would “ would certainly  stop giving thrills to us. We experience a strange , eccentric feeling while making any odd  wish and hoping it to turn out the way we had wished..and that unmatchable sentiment or feeling when we receive things, we had always wished is indescribable.

Just imagine!! what if we blow on a dandelion puff while making a wish and it comes true after all the seeds are blown off, and how about bottling a wish , write  a wish on a piece of paper , fold it ,and roll it inside a bottle and cork it up, and that tiny coin in a wishing well  straight out from your pocket .. And yes that wish we make on every loose eye lash found on our cheek ( very much school time thing )Do they really work!!??

All my life I had just simply wished to get a” Happy potion”. I wish I could simply sprinkle it all around  and make some really crest fallen souls gleam with happiness forever.!!

well I have many such ethereal , enticing bucket list of wishes, on whom I am working on and few I guess will be only fulfilled in my dreams!!

Everytime I blow my Birthday candle, I close my eyes , and make this simple wish which I know will forever come true instantaneously is to be by your side for infinity.

That’s my picture in response to  today’s “weekly photo challenge Wish”



Me and my Husband ( one of my wishes which came true!!)..Well I guess I must have wished him on  my loose stray eye lash in my teens someday  ..;)




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