wake up, work , sleep ….Phew !!knackered !!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered


Well Before I start to write anything today, must confess I missed penning down , I missed giving words  to my erratic thoughts, I missed being totally and solely “me”!

I wont blame my life, my work , or any damn thing which kept me away from this. Perhaps lack of self motivation and my muse has left me for a while , that  was the reason probably,  for which I was running out of steam  …. Today after ages( it seems so!) , this itch to write again provoked and evoked my  repressed desires to be with me again . 

So Here I am after a long  hiatus , all set to dive in once again…

In Response to this daily prompt: knackered …I can  relate to this so much today .

we wake up daily  ,get into our routine activities , eat like we are just feeding our gut to be alive , rush to work , come back eat again ( following same ritual gut feeding) and finally turn in on our King/queen size beds.

Aren’t we all tired of all  this, like literally . lets take a break , pause & unwind. we are humans not some programmed robots .

Bunking office once in a blue moon, to be with your family and yourself isn’t a crime at all, it wont sabotage your career for sure.. 😉

Give a break to your domestic   help and get involved with all the cleaning and moping ..end of the day it’s your house not your maid’s.

spend some quality  time in cooking with your spouse , instead of going out to dine in some lavish restaurant spending  extravagantly . You will end up getting more closer making your bond even more deeper.


I wonder , we spend so much time in talking , talking on phones, talking to colleagues, talking about people, talking at people!!!.. Have we ever got into real conversations ???..Like one to one , be it your spouse, your childhood friend, your sibling. when You can open up your soul and get into a real heart-to-heart chat.

images (1).jpg


Lets just take this masquerade off , and be humans . Lets just give a call to our loved ones and instead of saying a ” hello” just say ” yes I have missed  You” ..Lets take an oath to stop, pause, breathe and learn to Live in the moment ,to find happiness with in , to giggle like kids with Kids , to not ignore a needy soul  to lend your hand if at all you have all the capacity to help, to sit with your parents and thank them for the quality of  life they had given you.

Life is not all about wake up… work… sleep all knackered..n then wake   to get into the loop time and gain  …!..lets make it worth living  for!!Lets get  out of our respective comfort zones and check on our efficiencies,  lets get tired by laughing like lunatics rather than spending hours in front of the idiot box surfing channels cluelessly , lets clean up that  scrabble board and carom boards and play again, lets stop by to admire our spouse’s every small effort to keep us happy!!! To sum up lets just stop being like machines ..I am sure end of the day even if we get tired we will definitely  have a peaceful sleep.


Once I wind up I am surely going to make some cold coffee for myself now   ( summers have kicked in) and take my own time to do stuffs which are still undone, and before that will rediscover my old lost forgotten muse .. I wont end up just being knackered and exhausted by doing simply nothing except following my routine.



Love All,

Pallavi 🙂








2 thoughts on “wake up, work , sleep ….Phew !!knackered !!

  1. Penned beautifully…
    It’s like, if you can’t enjoy spending some time with yourself, you’re missing nice company.
    Yeah breaking away from routine is a must, just we shouldn’t make it a routine.

    Liked by 1 person

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